Today, every large company in America has to keep their finger on the pulse of all that is cool, compelling, and viral. But companies can’t just post content and hope that their post stands out from the rest without paying hefty media sums to push content through Facebook & Twitter.

We provide a solution to growth hack your social media engagements. This is a billion-dollar problem. That’s what we do.

In addition to this conundrum, companies need to keep an eye out for negative social media comments, such as “Your product or service sucked” but companies just can’t keep up with these comments. There are too many new ones each day on different platforms across the whole of the Internet.

We provide a solution to monitor the thousands of social media comments per day. This is a billion-dollar problem.  That’s what we do too.


We cultivate substantial brand advocacy for our clients.  We do this by engaging within their social ecosystems to create spine tingling interactions with your customers.  

We create custom creative to help facilitate true engagement.  Growth hacking the conversation with thought leaders and internet celebrities allow for our brands to stay relevant in social.  These thought leaders are prompted to create unique content supporting your brand, driving interaction, and hacking your brand into their viral community.

OUR SOLUTION – Community Management and Viral Programming

For companies who are frustrated by posting social media content that gets no engagement whatsoever, our services are a magic wand that will make your content go viral. We guarantee this by actively seeking out thought leaders, trendsetters, internet celebrities who we’ll engage to create unique social media content /ad units to support your brand. We growth hack the talent’s already engaged ecosystem saving saving your business millions of dollars in media dollars.

For companies what are frustrated by incorrect or slanderous stories that get runaway press, our service is a new kind of ‘watchdog.’ Unlike your current systems, which only push content like PR announcements and other marketing propaganda, we monitor every single comment and immediately flag problems, and turn problems into success stories. Effectively converting people who are on the fence about buying your product or service. It is easy to manage, and we have a high success rate that can save your company millions of dollars in lost revenue or brand damage.

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CRAWL          WALK          RUN


Social Media Set-Up & Enhancement 

We work with our brand partners to set up their social, search engine-centric places and subsequently build an enhanced social media ecosystem. We ensure that those who discover you will see a positive, relevant, consistent and compelling message that drives action and inspires brand advocates to share your content and act.

Silverback Social Crawl Stage
Silverback Social Run Stage


Program Management & Execution

In this stage, we execute content generation, brand intake documents, editorial calendars and various other strategies that help to identify and establish relationships with your social communities. We work to create and execute unique, interactive and branded content that keeps your audience engaged and interested. This is the part where your social media begins to sing


Applications, Contests & more …

Listening and audience research is further integrated into your social strategy, bringing your engagement to the next level. Your social community will be immersed in live contests and customized campaigns, converting your “followers” and “fans” into real-life brand ambassadors

Silverback Social Run Stage



Social Media management is a group effort.  We execute a proven form  that will ensure success for your social media programs.

As a client of Silverback Social, you get a designated team – or “pod” – that functions as an extension of your brand, ensuring that you are properly represented throughout the social media ecosystem. Your pod takes you from “crawl” to “walk” to “run” by creating unique and compelling content, engaging with your key influencers and leveraging a variety of channels designed to share, disseminate and distribute content while building your community

Silverback Social Pods