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The Silverback Social team will work with your brand to set up a social media, search engine-centric social places and subsequently deliver custom recommendations and – upon client approval – execute those recommendations on your behalf.  The process may include, but not be limited to:

  • Identifying and establishing digital media goals
  • Configuring your brands social media profiles for maximum optimization and reach
  • Personalizing digital profiles (adding enhancements through photos, videos, blogs, etc.)
  • Content Creation, management and execution

Silverback Social will ensure that your brand is focused on the right platforms – and that those who search for your brand will see a positive, relevant, consistent, and compelling message that can drive action, wherever they are looking online for fulfillment of opportunities that are appropriate for your brand.

Our business solutions offer social media help to our clients.   We develop quarterly review sessions that cover the following details:

  • Presentations on performance
  • Content review and evaluation
  • Results review and evaluation
  • Tracking and evaluation of click performance
  • New trend review in social media
  • The report suite will consist of the following reports:
    • Link tracking
    • Clicks by region
    • Top referrers
    • Most popular messages
    • Campaign Summary
    • Demographic reports
    • Conversion Summary
    • Executive Summary

Social media business support surrounding your social media campaign is paramount.  Our team understands that some social media agencies leverage social media for pushing content. We don’t think this is a good business practice.  At Silverback we pay attention to the manner in which your social media governance content is written and engage appropriately.  We generate unique social media content. We manage your social media community. We generate unique social media reports. We conduct good business.  We make sure our partners become our business partners, and grow their business as we grow ours.