Happy Thanksgiving from Silverback Social

Thanksgiving is a time of showing gratitude and appreciation. The first 11 months of every year bring the ups and downs of happy memories as well as hard times. Thanksgiving is our opportunity to reflect on the past year and share what we’re thankful for. silverback thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving I am thankful for community. This community isn’t necessarily made up of family or friends, instead the people in our lives who we cross paths with on a regular basis. For me, it’s the 6:30 AM class at my local gym, our office neighbors, the mailman, the people who work at our local coffee shops and favorite lunch spots. Our relationships may be a smile and a few pleasantries but you can’t underscore the impact a smile and some kind words can have on someone’s day.

– John Zanzarella, Chief Marketing Officer 

I want to give thanks to all the social networks out there, especially Twitter. The announcement that Twitter will introduce native video capabilities to its services will definitively provide further insights into real-time events. We will be able to consume breaking news by way of video, which will lead to an unfiltered and unbiased look at events worldwide. We no longer will have to rely on a news outlet’s version of events, we now will be able to see for ourselves what is really taking place.

– Josh Fenster, Senior Brand Strategist

This Thanksgiving, I’m thankful for those who adopt pets, especially senior animals. I adopted my first pet (a senior cat) last autumn and then adopted a senior dog this past spring. It breaks my heart that animals end up in shelters for whatever reason and I’m very happy that there are special families out there that are willing to take an older animal into their homes. Every time I see a post for an animal that needs to be adopted, it breaks my heart – I just want to take all of them home. So thank you to all those who rescue animals!

– Daniela Raciti, Community Manager

I am most thankful for my supportive family, friends, co-workers, and beautiful girlfriend, Lauren, who all help me to see the light during these especially dark times, where racism and police brutality unfortunately still exist in America. I’m blessed that the people who I associate with are socially aware and help to make life beautiful amidst tragedy. We’re fortunate to live in a world where everyone has a voice, whether it’s social media or word of mouth. With that being said, let’s all take some time this holiday season and onward to appreciate what we have and use our collective voice to make a positive change in society, so that the next generation will not have to experience the same injustices.

– Brian Levine, Project Manager

I’m thankful for having such quick and easy access to the tools and resources that enable me to learn and grow in many different aspects of my life. Whether it’s researching information on a topic I’ve developed an interest for, or practicing a new skill while watching a tutorial video, I’m grateful to have so many opportunities right at my fingertips to expand my abilities and my knowledge.

– Brian Funicelli, Senior Community Manager

I’m thankful to work with employees who came up with the inspired idea to share what they’re thankful for.  I think we’re all blessed to do what we love with people we love.  

-Chris Dessi

We wish everyone a very happy Thanksgiving and a safe holiday weekend!

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