The Digital Arts Experience’s Emily Angell on The Westchester Digital Summit

Emily Angell Emily Angell from the Digital Arts Experience  expected the Westchester Digital Summit to be your typical trade show, but she was very focused on the networking aspect of it – Especially the interaction with other businesses. To prepare for the summit, The Digital Arts Experience gathered a portion of equipment to showcase their B to B production services to attendees. They delegated tasks to each of the team members so that everyone had a clear idea of what they were to accomplish throughout the day. Angell and her team enjoyed many aspects of the Summit, but the quality of the speakers was huge. “We learned more than we expected to,” said Angell, “It was nice to reconnect with old Westchester acquaintances, as well as meeting new folks that we’ll definitely stay in touch with.” Angell envisions the next Digital Summit to be similar in terms of what went right – Including the amazing speakers, quality people, great networking and live interaction on social media. The Digital Arts Experiences’ vision is to expand their company to other cities, as “the hub” for the creative arts and technology. In five years, they plan open 2 brand new locations.

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