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Gratitude, Spirit & Social Media

I’m so deeply grateful for everyone who touched this story. I’m crying as I’m writing this because I feel so blessed to have so many amazing people in my life, and I feel more blessed that my father got to witness just how loved he truly is. He always showed up and supported me – I feel like I was able to show up and support him, for once.

Leverage social media to tell your story, and allow room for a miracle to happen. I promise – amazing things will unfold in front of you.

President Barack Obama will win the Election, Here’s why:

I’m a married 37 yr old father of two, not 27 and certainly not an 18-year-old first time voter. This thinking – this forward progressive way of viewing outreach, engagement and political process is what I think will help Barak Obama win this election. Regardless of which way I vote, you have to respect his team, and this type of social media marketing endeavor.

Social Media is Dead.

Social media is dead because everything is social media now. We’re surrounded by social media every day in every way. Either proactively engage in this phenomenon – or become obsolete. You’ve been warned.