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Social media has changed the manner in which human beings aggregate and disseminate information globally.

We will transform you from a neophyte-marketing drone, into a living, breathing, pulsating extensions of your brand.

Allowing your customers to connect with you in ways never thought possible. Further allowing your advocates to immerse themselves in a symphony of your brand interaction via social networking and offering them the platform to sell along side you.

We understand this ecosystem better than anyone.

Join us.

Full Brand Social Media Management & Execution

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Content Creation, Calendaring, Posting, Engaging, Monitoring

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We make sure that Google plays nicely with your personal brand.


Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing services for your local business.

Story Behind the Name Silverback Social:

It all starts with the Selective Attention Test conducted in 1999 by Simons and Chabris. You can view the experiment below – Go ahead take a look. We’ll wait.

Cool video, right?

So what does this have to do with social media and our company name? Brands are so heavily focused on defining their social media strategy via external social media networks, consultants and technology that they have lost site that their social media strategy is an internal event, and cannot be defined by looking outward. Brands are blind. And effectively blind to their blindness. Brands are counting the basketball passes and they are missing the gorilla in the room. Social media consultants, technologists and essentially anyone in a position to make money from these brands in their quest to count the basketballs are dropping the proverbial ball. We should know better. We should help brands to see the gorilla. We need to help them see that their social media strategy cannot come from us alone. They must define their social media strategy internally. Social strategy comes from the culture of your company, the products you make, the feeling people have when they engage with your company your products or your services. Our culture is defined by helping brands to become aware of the gorilla in the room, and address their culture, engage in social media and excel. So we named our company after the most majestic of animals – the Silverback Gorilla. 

We invite you on our journey to become the BIGGEST and BEST social media agency in the WORLD…

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