Avi Savar, Founding Partner of Big Fuel Communications Weighs in on the Westchester Digital Summit

This year’s Westchester Digital Summit was no new experience for speaker Avi Savar, founding partner of Big Fuel Communications. Although Savar entered the Summit with little expectations, he was curious as to how fast the event would unfold in Westchester, rather than the Manhattan pace he was familiar with. Savar has spoken at events similar to the WDS before that have reached out to a variety of audiences, so Savar felt confident with his material.

“I speak a lot, and I’ve given talks like this many, many times,” said Savar, “It was just nice to show up, be well taken care of, and be able to give the people the benefits.”

As a whole, he felt the Westchester Digital Summit was held at a good venue, filled with great content and even greater people. Although Savar was content with his talk, his favorite part was taking questions from the audience. The real fun and engaging moments for Savar were when he jumped off the stage, ran around with a microphone, and got the people to speak up.

“I definitely had my Jerry Springer moment,” he said.

Savar believes that the more people present at an event, the more exciting it becomes. He hopes to see growth at future Summits, and is certain that next year’s even greater outcome will come from building and pushing the content. When it comes to Savar’s company Big Fuel Communications,  he wishes there was a crystal ball to show him where it will stand in a few years. However, Savar sees his business’s success relying on one thing – A long-term vision on a plan. With the industry growing and evolving at such a rapid pace, the biggest struggle faced by an organization is keeping ahead of it – Which is exactly what he plans to do.

“I think we’re going to operate like that for the better part of the next 2-3 years until things start to stabilize and standardize,” said Savar, “We’ll continue to push the envelope and all we can do as an organization.”

As a further break-down for this plan, Savar says that in a few years, his organization will be servicing brands, providing the best possible solutions and advice, and advancing in the world of digital and social marketing.

“Where that ends up, nobody knows,” he said, “What opportunities present themselves in the way that brands are going to play, again, nobody knows.”

Despite this unknown angst, Big Fuel will continue to guide their clients and provide stellar service, incredible thinking, and flawless execution.

“We’ll stay true to that as we grow and advance, said Savar, “We’ll continue to play and figure out what’s worth knowing, and of course, staying ahead of it.”

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