The Inaugural Westchester Digital Summit Through the Eyes of Silverback Social’s Social Community Manager Brian Funicelli

The inaugural Westchester Digital Summit  was a huge project. A national event, the summit hosted over 700 attendees, more than 30 booth displays, and a couple dozen speakers, panelists, and presenters. It’s incredible to think that it all started with a handful of people brainstorming in a small, brightly colored room.

While I knew the summit was going to be a unique event, I had no idea what to expect. What I experienced was both comforting and inspiring. As I helped registrants sign in, directed participants to their booths, and escorted panelists and presenters to their prep area, I felt a deep connection with everyone involved in the summit. The presenters were excited to share their ideas and get feedback from the audience. Attendees were enthusiastic about learning more and joining in on the conversations taking place throughout the day. Everyone came together to help each other educate themselves and engage in all the new information being made available. The enthusiasm was contagious, and everybody seemed to feed off of everybody else’s positive energy.

And as I realized this, Gary Vaynerchuk  took the stage, harnessed that energy, and instilled it right back into every single person in the room. The positivity was overwhelming. With the knowledge that an event with such positive influence could have come from only a handful of people brainstorming in a room, I’m confident that the next Westchester Digital Summit will be an even greater success.

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