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Feeling the Vibe on the Value of Digital Media

In 2005, Kristen Ackerly and Diana Ackerly, two sisters from Westchester County, NY, began a media company called Feeling the Vibe.

For the company, it is extremely vital to be up-to-date on where the industry is moving in order to bring clients the top value. “Our unique mix of media publications and web design/internet marketing services help us to see what people are reacting to,” Kristen said. “And how in turn it will help our clients.”

Rick Bakas on Effective Digital Marketing

The times have changed and the digital era is turning the Internet as a central medium for marketing. For Rick Bakas, this tactic is essential. Bakas Media, which was started in 2010, was not only to work with clients on social branding needs but also to assist with developing tools and emerging social sites (or apps) through advisory roles or investing. Ultimately, allowing them to own the channels as well as using them for clients needs.

Ed Butowsky, Managing Partner at Chapwood Investments Discussed the Westchester Digital Summit

Ed Butowsky, Managing Partner at Chapwood Investments, is an internationally recognized expert due to his involvement in the financial service industry for over 25 years. He was present at the Westchester Digital Summit as a guest speaker during the first panel. What did he expect from the event overall?

“I had no expectations other than I knew Chris was doing it,” he said. “So I knew it was going to be good.”