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3 Steps to Taking Control of Your Life

June Catalyst Week co-curator Chris Dessi shares his inspiring journey of taking control of his own destiny, both professionally and personally. Dessi proves that you shouldn’t be afraid to feel like a loser, get a little bit angry, and not ask for permission to take control and transform your life.

ESPN Dominates Social Media, Here’s How

Gabe Goodwin is the Coordinating Producer of Social Production for ESPN. Gabe leads SocialTV production for multiple shows, including SportsCenter, SportsNation, First Take and Numbers Never Lie as well as specialty shows for NFL, NBA & MLB. He spoke at the Westchester Digital Summit. I had the pleasure of chatting with him moments after he stepped off stage. He shared some incredible insights regarding how ESPN has been so successful in social media.

3 Ways Heineken USA’s Newcastle Brand Wins in Social Media

On May 15th, 2014 I sat with Quinn Kilbury, Brand Director Newcastle at Heineken USA just moments after he stepped off stage at the Westchester Digital Summit. Quinn sat on a panel titled “Navigating the Digital Landscape” along with colleagues from The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, ESPN, and The Financial Times.

I chatted with Quinn about his role at Heineken USA’s Newcastle brand and how they have evolved to be a powerhouse brand in the world of social media. He shared three compelling points that I’d like to share with you, and I think will help your social media strategy.

What’s the ROI of Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project & Catalyst Week?

What’s the ROI of Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project & Catalyst Week? I don’t normally cry in public. But there I was, under the hot lights on a stage in Las Vegas speaking at Catalyst Week and I was crying. I felt a twinge of embarrassment, but I knew that I was in a safe place, and sharing like this was encouraged. I ended my talk, felt the warm applause wash over me, and I knew I had done the right thing. I’d just shared a very personal journey that led me to where I am today.

On Winning.

Winners are introspective and find the gentle curve of their wings. They feel the wind, study their surroundings, bend their wings quietly and pull.

They create lift, and soar.

Losers flap.

Being on TV is Easy

Speaking in bombastic platitudes is easy.

Anyone can read a story, and then list 6 speaking points and get to chatting. I’m grateful for sure, but only masters can run their business like a well oiled machine with all of the noise that goes along with it.

So the next time you’re enamored by the linguistic wizardry of someone reading from the teleprompter or riffing on three simple ideas they were told to speak about on camera for 3-5 minutes, take a deep breath, remember this post …turn around and get back to work.