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Your customer is a human being.  That hasn’t changed.  But the manner in which they aggregate and disseminate information has changed.  Today, not only can they digest your content via a myriad of social networks, and mobile devices, for the first time in history they’re also generating content. They trust the recommendation of a friend on Facebook more than they trust your PR announcement.  Silverback Social offers custom social conduits for any type or sized business to engage with your new, empowered customer.  

We offer powerful technology, strategic consulting, coaching,  management and small business social media set up so you can touch your most passionate brand ambassadors where they convene.  Meeting them in their social tribe isn’t easy.  Silverback Social helps you identify your most loyal and passionate brand advocates, and helps you empower these advocates to evangelize your brand. Whether your a national franchise, middle sized not for profit, or local brick and mortar business, we have a custom solution to allow your to appropriately and powerfully connect with your customers. We have worked with some of the most innovative companies in social media like the NHL, GEICO, TJX, Saks Fifth Avenue, Michael Kors, and Littlemissmatched.  They have harnessed the power of social media and connected on the most powerful human level with their brand advocates.  These interactions help brands make more money, increase brand equity and reduce costs.  Most notably, brands are forging lasting relationships via the conduit of social media. They’re connecting on a human level, and creating brand ambassadors.  We will show you how to listen, engage and allow for the conversation to happen around your brand.  Allowing your happy customers to have a platform to share your product and ideas via social media.    

Silverback Social will show you how to magnify, elaborate, enlarge and intensify every interaction you have with your customer. Allow this work to swell behind your brand, surge and sweep you up in a tide of your own making. You no longer have to wait for customers to come to you, you no longer have to pay for an advertisement and wait months for results.  You no longer have to plot and maneuver through gate keepers.  Embrace these changes and see that your world as you once knew it is exploding.  Give, let go, offer value to your customers and release so that your brand may seize this colossal opportunity called social media.