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Creating Your Own Business Playbook: How Networking Equates to Opportunity

People often ask me what my favorite part of my job is. My answer is always quick and consistent: it’s that I am lucky enough to meet so many brilliant, driven individuals who are continually disrupting and positively changing the world. Many of these encounters come through meetings that I take with Chris Dessi. Chris and I are similar in that smart people fascinate us. We ask a lot of questions, we get excited, and sometimes we get scared that people are functioning on such a level. Mostly, though, we get inspired.

Take Random Meetings

I am the CMO of Silverback Social, and everyday I am excited to meet new and incredible people because, frankly, that’s how I got here. My story is unique, but it’s the law of numbers. Start simple – one or two people a week and see what happens. Everyone is busy, so it’s your responsibility to make time whether its breakfast, lunch, drinks, or dinner. It might take two months, two years, or two decades, but it’s always worth it.

4 Lessons on Event Management from Dad

Growing up, I thought I knew everything. Seriously, just ask my friends or family. Parents nodding in agreement about their own kids can breathe a sigh of relief. Somewhere during, or shortly after college, I realized how little I really knew. I also realized that the things my father taught me growing up make a […]

4 Steps to Help You Transition From Corporate to Start-Up Life

Most startups have little to no marketing money. This fact forces companies to be creative, or in this case choose the option that is right in front of you. Take some time to build your own brand, it will help you meet more people who can help your business, more people who can help your career and it spreads brand awareness. Don’t feel like you have to be on TV, or an author like our CEO Chris Dessi