Kelly Campbell, President and CRO of Liqui-Site Designs Chats About the Westchester Digital Summit

Liqui-Site Designs Inc. was one of the booths featured at the Westchester Digital Summit. Prior to the summit, this company expected the Summit to be high energy, interactive, engaging and inspirational. “We thought that there would be more attendees, and that they would be very interested in the presenters and digital services like the ones we offer,” said Kelly Campbell, President and CRO of Liqui-Site Designs Inc. At Liqui-Site, the company aims to have meaningful conversations by focusing on what the consumer is looking for. “With attendees we answered their questions, provided value and discussed their needs — without ever “selling,” said Campbell, “We selected a point person for each service area and guided prospects to the most relevant member on our team, based on their needs.” For promotion, the company provided print materials on their services, an interactive demo at the booth, and gave away branded pens and t-shirts to those who signed up for Liqui-Site’s e-mail list. For Campbell, keynote speaker Gary Vaynerchuk  was a memorable presenter and storyteller that added an inspiring light to the Westchester Digital Summit. “I think he inspired everyone in the audience, and we all came away with a sense of empowerment,” she said, “Many in the audience who were green to social had their “a-ha” moment that afternoon.” Campbell believes that the successful outcome of this year’s event ensures that next year’s summit is set to be a hit. “The inaugural event was a great start, and I think next year will be fantastic,” said Campbell, “Now that business attendees, sponsors and presenters have an idea as to the baseline, the 2014 Westchester Digital Summit is sure to turn many heads!” Liqui-Site has just celebrated their ten-year anniversary on May 31, 2013. “In a few years, I see the firm as a leader in the digital space, keeping clients ahead of the curve in the areas of web, search, social and mobile,” she said, “We’re likely to expand the team at our headquarters in Nyack, and we’re looking forward to what the future will hold!”

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