Mike Edelhart, CEO of The Pivot Conference on the Westchester Digital Summit

Mike Edelhart is the CEO of The Pivot Conference  and also is a media and Internet start-up investor and executive. For more than 30 years, Edelhart has been at the center of the last three technology revolutions, social being the third. Attending and speaking at events, such as the Westchester Digital Summit, is not rare for Edelhart. And when it came time for panel one, he found the discussion more interesting than he initially envisioned.

“It went great,” he said. “There were a lot of exciting points of view.” Furthermore, he appreciated the audience’s questions in particular because he was able to grasp what they cared about most. Edelhart was pleased and impressed by the other speakers that attended the panel and who came up afterward. “Quality folks,” he said.

Following the panel, he had to opportunity to encounter more people of value than he planned on. He was content with how the event proceeded and whom he was able to network with. One suggestion pops into his mind in regards to planning the next Digital Summit. “Bring in skills acquisition and training, rather than just on-stage and exhibits,” he said. “That seems like what small businesses really want.”

Overall, Edelhart found the Westchester Digital Summit  to be an influential and terrific experience. Since social media is blossoming, it is important for businesses to expand their horizons and gain insight on how to use this data. The event allowed outsiders to listen to speakers, such as Edelhart himself, to learn about the benefits of using social media within the business world.

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