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Chris Dessi
Chief Executive Officer

Hi there – my name is Chris, CEO of Silverback Social. Since I’m the one writing this I figured I’d forgo speaking of myself in the third person. Chris thinks that’s pretentious. But I digress ..Silverback is a social media agency that helps businesses understand, engage, and thrive in social media. We’re unique because we combine the power of enterprise level social media software with straightforward training and strategy sessions. We educate, empower and execute to drive meaningful business conversions. We don’t just hand you the keys to the car, we teach you how to drive. I’ve written a cool little book about social media too. It’s called “Your World is Exploding: How Social Media is Changing Everything and How You Need to Change With It.” Frankly, I was shocked when it shot to #1 on’s Hot New Releases. I’m also lucky enough to be a regular contributor on Fox News & Good Day New York. My friends all think I have a face for radio, so I’ve tried my hand at that as well – appearing on The John Gambling show on WOR Radio in NYC, and The Mary Beth Marsden show in Baltimore on WBAL. I’ve been really lucky and have been able to work with Fortune 500 businesses and start ups alike. That means that I get it. I’m not a writer by any stretch of the imagination, but I have ideas, and I r-e-a-l-l-y like to share them on my personal blog & Social Media Today. I’ve been quoted in Mashable, and have lectured to military personal aboard the Intrepid Sea Air and Space Museum (I was terrified). Recently, I was honored by The Business Council of Westchester as one of their 40 Under 40 for 2012. I leverage all of these cool media platforms like television, print, keynote speaking, lecturing, and radio appearances to share my manifesto that social media is a spiritual awakening, not a technological one. I believe that social media is not simply a shift in business, rather a cultural shift in the manner in which we aggregate and disseminate information. I have a MS from NYU, and BA from Loyola University in Maryland.  I live in Chappaqua, NY with my wife Laura and my two little girls Talia, and Olivia 


Mike Bucci
Senior Project Manager

Michael Bucci is a natural entrepreneur. He’s been pioneering advertising and marketing techniques for his privately held family business for years, but it has been only in the past few years when Mike was able to identify his passion. You see, Mike was an early adopter of Facebook – and starting in 2007 he saw the opportunity this new platform offered his business. Never before was he able to communicate the real reason why patrons were so loyal to Bucci Brothers Deli. He knew in his heart that if he could communicate the passion his family and their partrons had for his business it would be a game changer. Mike diligently went about educating himself in the art and science of digital marketing. Becoming certified in search engine optimization, teaching himself the art of online video, and designing websites from scratch using WordPress, Joomla, and Concrete. He was hooked, and his customers reaped the benefits. Mike was now able to communicate without “selling” to them – just like he did when interacting with them in person! He would go on to creatively use contests, hilarious debates, entertaining videos and eye popping photography to get the attention of his fans. Mike’s deli Facebook Page went from 100 fans to almost 3000 fans in less than a year. Since then, Michael has created four thriving businesses, all using social media. Mike is a sought after speaker regarding entrepreneurialism & marketing. Bucci is the Chairman of the Marketing Committee for the Greater Mahopac-Carmel Chamber of Commerce. As Sr. Project Manager for Silverback Social, Mike will help you easily identify what your needs in this fast paced new world.


Dan Hebert
Project Manager

Daniel Hebert is an award-winning graduate of Mount Allison University. While he studied marketing, his favorite subject was learned outside the classroom: Social Media Strategy. Daniel has been a social media manager in the B2B sector, and now has his own blog. Daniel’s social media presence has gotten him a lot of attention in his local community, which has lead to guest speaking events. It also led to others writing pieces about his social media approach, including articles from Ragan Communications, Media Bistro, and our very own Chris Dessi, CEO of Silverback Social (are you starting to see the connection here). Daniel has an entrepreneurial, self-motivated attitude, which has led him to be a finalist in one of Canada’s top business competition for students. If he wasn’t a marketer, he would take his love for food and become a chef. He lives in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.