Poppin CMO, Kevin Ranford’s Thoughts on the Inaugural Westchester Digital Summit

What booth was Poppin’ at this year’s Westchester Digital Summit?

If you guessed Poppin, well, lucky guess.


Giving out vibrant colored stationary and getting to know their responsive attendees, Kevin Ranford  from Poppin said that the best part of the Summit was getting to meet such a wide variety of people in one afternoon.

Prior to the Summit, the team at Poppin wasn’t quite sure what to expect.

         “We thought we’d get an opportunity to meet lots of people from interesting technology companies which are one of the main categories for our business customers,” said Ranford.

To prepare for the event, the company made sure there were plenty of goodies to give away at the Summit to spread the word about their brand.

As for the next Westchester Digital Summit, Ranford envisions it to be a bigger and brighter event – with more attendees, exhibitors, and programming.

With Poppin on a steady incline, Ranford believes that in a few years, the company will be a billion dollar brand that changes the way everyone works for the better.

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