Shake it Like a Socialmatic Picture

Admit it, even while living in the most technologically progressive generation with new innovations appearing daily, you can sometimes miss the simplicity of what photography used to be. The days long before the GoPro and selfie sticks had crossed inventors’ minds and taking a picture was limited to a personal camera or a Polaroid. Remember having to click a button in order for the photo to be taken? Even better was the instant gratification you received with a Polaroid when your photo instantaneously printed as you took it.

Meet the Polaroid Socialmatic: Polaroid’s newest camera which combines its trademark instant photo printing power with the ability to upload your photo directly to your favorite social media accounts. Yes, I promise you’re not dreaming. The camera, which cleverly resembles the Instagram logo, has a 14-megapixel front-facing camera and over 4 GB of memory to store all of your photos. Don’t worry, the Socialmatic also encompasses a 2-megapixel rear camera so snapping those selfies certainly won’t be an issue. Once a photo is taken, the user has the ability to preview and edit the photo on the camera’s 4.5-inch touch screen and immediately post images to Twitter, Facebook or Instagram with the camera’s Wi-Fi capabilities. Don’t have Wi-Fi? Not a problem, the Socialmatic can also pair with your phone via Bluetooth. Interestingly enough, the Socialmatic also runs on Android OS so you can browse the web and download any app you like. Sadly, the tradition of the “pull-and-shake” for the Polaroid photo has come to an end due to the new advancement of ink-free printing technology from ZINK Imaging. The full color photos take only a minute to develop and even come equipped with adhesive backing. The Socialmatic is available for presale now through Amazon, and will begin to ship out starting on January 1st. I know for certain that I wouldn’t mind receiving this as a late holiday present!

By Morgan Rosh


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