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Top 4 Black Friday Apps

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s a lovely American tradition. You gather with friends and family, giving thanks for all that we have in abundance. Than we eat ourselves into a coma, watch some football and pass out on the couch.  At least that’s what we’re looking forward to Here at Silverback Social the […]

Facebook Algorithm Change = Death of Memes?

A few days ago, Facebook made some additional changes to its algorithm. Here are the changes summarized below: Posts to popular articles and other content will show up more than images. Text posts reach a larger audience than image posts do. We’ve seen the changes affecting the reach of our posts over the last few […]

Google+ Part III: If Content is King, on G+ it’s God.

In part II of the Google+ series, we illustrated the effects of certain engagement tactics on our follower and +1 count. More specifically, we: Posted quality content to communities related to social media (~2-3/day). Re-shared posts from other users (3-5/day). Constructed quality comments on discussion topics within communities (~5/day). We found that using these tactics did, in […]

Instagram Ads: 3 questions + A Fatal Flaw

After Instagram’s initial announcement that ads were coming to it’s social platform a few weeks ago, we didn’t hear anything more.  Just that they were happening “soon”.  Last week, we got our first glimpse into what they would look like. Beyond the initial announcement and the first mockup of the ad, the whole event has […]