Summit Takeaways: On Time Transport

On Time Transport, Inc., a local luxury car service in White Plains, attended the Westchester Digital Summit and overall had a remarkable experience. The company set up their own booth and held high expectations of the event itself.

“We were expecting to expand our knowledge and get more information on how the new era of social media will impact and help our business.”

On Time Transport, Inc. is recognized for providing local, domestic and international ground transportation throughout the NY tri-state area. Prior to the conference, On Time Transport, Inc. sponsored their limousine services for the clients and guests who were attending. They handled these arrangements in addition to having a booth.

What was something that the company took away from the conference, aside from the free coffee and trinkets?

“We enjoyed the guest speakers and meeting new people at the trade show booths.”

Throughout the entire event, On Time Transport, Inc. was not only pleased with the guest speakers but also with encountering new people at the other booths.

At On Time Transport, Inc., social media has immensely impacted their business and makes it relevant and accessible to those who need an escort service immediately. They believe it’s important to attend events, such as the Westchester Digital Summit, because it is an opportunity to network, grow and learn about the social media world.

Looking ahead, On Time Transport, Inc. hopes to continue to gain further insight on how social media affects the day-to-day life.

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