Feeling the Vibe on the Value of Digital Media

Kristen Ackerly

Kristen Ackerly, Co–Editor in Chief

Communicate with them as you would someone in person. Stay in touch and that will put your business ahead of the others. – Kristen Ackerly

In 2005, Kristen Ackerly and Diana Ackerly, two sisters from Westchester County, NY, began a media company called Feeling the Vibe. The company consists of three different facets including Feeling the Vibe Digital Magazine, Westchester Connect Digital Magazine and Feeling the Vibe Design & Marketing. The objective of the magazine is to bring young readers good messages through great music and lifestyle pieces. Ever since, the company has blossomed into a community of hundreds of thousands of readers connecting with their love of music. Editors of the magazine have been invited to review major headline acts, interview legendary stars, and attend Broadway shows. The magazine has worked with major stars such as John Stamos, the Beach Boys, the Days of Our Lives cast, Drew Steeley, Lauren Conrad, Jesse McCartney, Executive Producer (The Voice, Apprentice, Survivor) Mark Burnett, and many more.

Diana Ackerly

Diana Ackerly – Co-Founder, Co-Editor in Chief

For the company, it is extremely vital to be up-to-date on where the industry is moving in order to bring clients the top value. “Our unique mix of media publications and web design/internet marketing services help us to see what people are reacting to,” Kristen said. “And how in turn it will help our clients.”

As a whole, Kristen describes the digital media landscape as being “an imperative part of business.” Not only do you need to be in the presence of a group of people, as a business owner, but also a group of targeted people who need your products and services. In this way, social media communities are an ideal way to find potential clients who want to hear from you. “Communicate with them as you would someone in person,” she said. “Stay in touch and that will put your business ahead of the others.”

The digital era has both changed and enhanced advertising; ultimately, opening the doors for all business owners but more specifically businesses with smaller budgets. This allows these companies to advertise online and compete instead of being shut out by high costs of print and television advertising. “The fact that you can measure results through digital media marketing puts it ahead in helping a business to see what truly works,” said Kristen. Digital marketing has given their company the opportunity to see exactly which ads online lead to a sale, a phone call consultation, or even an email signup. “By knowing which advertising techniques work, we help businesses continue to build their success.”

How has digital media helped your business get heard in a world of corporate giants with deep pockets?