The Secret to Building a Successful Business is Mindset

Silverback Social Team

Silverback Social Team

I’m no more talented than anyone. I just work harder.  I learned this trait from my parents. I observed how they dedicated themselves to improving every day. How they worked so hard at everything. How they never gave up. So when I started my career I was in a constant state of paranoia. Paranoid that the guy next to me was smarter, had some sort of edge, or was working harder than me.  So I decided to get in earlier than everyone, and stay later.




I pushed, and clawed and clamored, and then pushed and clawed and clamored more. Then I went back to the drawing board to learn more, improve myself, and critique my performance and to keep growing. I have always had a great mindset.  A mindset of improvement.  A mindset that allows me to critique myself but not cripple myself.

So when I started building the team at Silverback I decided to go with my gut, and hire like minded people. People with a positive mindset.  A mindset that wasn’t fixed. One that inspired growth. Today I’m reaping the rewards of this decision.

Every current employee at Silverback Social at some point in their interview process said some version of the following

“ I don’t care what the pay is, I just want to work here.”

They all have the mindset to learn, to push themselves and their colleagues, to build something bigger, and to be a part of something great.  When clients are complaining and breathing down their neck, you need people, actually no = you need a team that has laser like focus and passion for the work. I  believe that successful employees don’t have to be the most talented, but if they can see your vision for the organization, and If they understand that you will be rigid in that vision but open to being flexible in getting there, they will machete a path to fulfillment for you, for your business and for your clients.

I believe that mindset begets character, and character builds a sustainable business that thrives.

When you get to the top, character keeps you there. Character keeps you working harder than the competition.  I know that my team will squeeze the towel dry for Silverback Social and for themselves. They continually improve themselves, and in turn raise the collective bar for our organization. So even when we lose, we all hold our heads high, and feel good about the work we’ve done.

When you’re focused on effort, and personal best … success will follow. Some view effort as something negative. Choosing to focus only on the end result.  But those who have a positive mindset see set-backs as motivating. They are a wake up call, and will never cripple your team.  They are your scars that will help you appreciate the wins. So allow your team to fall on their faces. If they have mental toughness and a great mindset they will never make that mistake again. They won’t perform for a title, or a raise – they will perform to learn and for sustainability. If you surround yourself with people like this, your business will become more sustainable than you ever imagined.

Have a great weekend. I feel blessed to be surrounded by a team with a winning mindset.



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  1. Marcie Wiehagen
    Marcie Wiehagen says:

    Great blog on an approach that is both energizing and a little awe-inspiring! This is one of the characteristics that sets you and the team apart from other organizations.


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