Top 4 Black Friday Apps

Thanksgiving is right around the corner. It’s a lovely American tradition. You gather with friends and family, giving thanks for all that we have in abundance. Than we eat ourselves into a coma, watch some football and pass out on the couch.  At least that’s what we’re looking forward to

Here at Silverback Social the team is very sensitive to the ebb and flow of technology and how it affects and guides our buying patterns.  We’re also interested in helping you so that you don’t have to brave the grounds on Black Friday – here are our 4 top Black Friday Apps from 4 of our rock-star employees.

  1. Brian Levine (Project Manager) – I’m going to go with the TARGET app; here’s why: They’ve integrated a new feature into their already successful app, strategically launching in anticipation of Black Friday. Simply put, the feature link products with store maps using location services. Teaming up with an indoor mapping technology company called Point Inside, this feature will help customers during the upcoming Black Friday sales by showing specialized store maps and exclusive information on great deals at individual Target locations. Smart move by Target to capitalize on that emerging trend of “showrooming” within a digital platform.
  2. Josh Fenster (Sr. Brand Strategist) –  Want to shop stress free this holiday season? The Spring app makes shopping easy in the ever increasing mobile age. The experience is similar to that of Instagram where brands “post” images, but the key difference is that users have the ability to make a purchase within the app with one swipe. Search for your favorite products and discover others with its long list of brand partners such as Vince, Warby Parker, and Levi’s.  If you’re in a rush or in a crowded subway, and the only way you can shop is from a phone, use Spring.
  3. John Zanzarella (CMO) –  If you’re like me you’re not looking for deals this season as much as you’re looking for ideas. The Gift Suggester App allows you to browse by recipient, category, personality and occasion and sort by popularity, relevance and price. While the gifts suggested may not be the perfect match for those on your shopping list, it is enough to get your creative juices flowing and more importantly to keep your time in the stores quick and efficient.
  4. Daniela Raciti-Lacerenza (Community Manager) – This Black Friday, don’t go crazy running 13 different apps and crashing your smart phone just to keep up with all the savings. Instead, be thankful for the official Black Friday mobile app: Not only are all the ads in one place, but you can also create a wishlist and are alerted about the best deals at your favorite stores. The Black Friday app is available for both Android and Apple via GooglePlay and the AppStore. Happy shopping!

Please add any apps that you think we may have missed in the comments below. Happy shopping and stay safe!


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