Top Apps of 2014

Silverback Social’s Top Apps of 2014

With 2015 less than two weeks away, it’s the perfect time to reflect on the year that was – from a personal, familial and business standpoint. As digital marketers at Silverback Social, we reflect in a similar way: via revisiting business strategy that brought forth favorable results for our client base, understanding key drivers behind the success of company’s in 2014, and using data to predict future trends.

Our 2014 “Top Apps” installment is comprised of eight diverse apps – for efficiency, convenience and leisure – that will create value for you, make life a bit easier, and arm you with the digital resources necessary to thrive in 2015.

Here they are:

  • N3tworkN3twork revolutionizes the way we consume video content on our smartphones. The app, exclusive to the iTunes App Store, acts as your personal television network and makes content recommendations based on your documented interests. N3twork features include the ability to watch content on Apple TV or Chromecast, upload and clip videos, and build TV channels for your friends and fans.

  • Uber – Operating in 120 cities (across 37 countries), Uber has emerged as the most sizeable threat to traditional, in-city transportation methods (i.e. – taxi’s). The app allows travelers to summon a personal driver, at the touch of a button, as opposed to wasting time unsuccessfully hailing Manhattan cabs during rush hour. Leveraging your smartphones GPS’s capabilities, Uber sends the closest driver (made up of unlicensed chauffeurs) to your location upon request. Payment, for rides, is charged to your credit card.

  • 1Password1Password is a free application that aggregates all of your annoying passwords, creating one strong, unique code for every site. What’s more, the app remembers them all for you and helps you log onto mobile destinations – seamlessly – with one single tap. 1Password’s key features include: storing logins and identities, and filling out credit card information (at checkout) without typing.

  • VenmoVenmo is a free, peer-to-peer mobile payments app that serves as your digital wallet. It has become wildly popular among the millennial segment, as a way of divvying up rent and utility bills, restaurant tabs and entertainment event tickets – all with the objective of avoiding cash transactions in mind. The New York-based company also doubles as a social network, broadcasting financial interactions between app users on Facebook & Twitter. Venmo is, reportedly, looking to leverage its technology and vast user base to begin offering credit. Stay tuned…

  • Seamless – Seamless is an online food ordering mobile platform, which makes accessing your favorite restaurants “quick and easy”. The recent GrubHub company partner features a compelling user interface – both on it’s mobile and web platform – and texts users when their orders are out for delivery. This app promises a unique dining experience, and is a must download to fulfill mid-day, cuisine urges.

  • Paper – This unique app allows you to capture new ideas “quickly and beautifully”, whether designing a new product, kitchen remodel or a business plan. Still confused? Serenity Caldwell of MacWorld provides more clarity: “[This Apple app] is a series of moleskine-esque digital notebooks (in landscape orientation) where you can use remarkably real simulations of brushes and pens to sketch, ink, marker, or watercolor.

  • Hyperlapse – This amazing app helps you create time-lapsed videos, utilizing Instagram’s stabilization technology. Leave the “bulky tripods” and “expensive equipment” at home, says the Instagram-backed company. Shooting time-lapse footage with Hyperlapse gives you an instant cinematic, quality feeling. No signup or account is required for product use.

  • Spotify – is the music streaming app we all know and love. They pride themselves on providing an incredible variety of quality music content and exclusive projects, in a visually appealing mobile app and web platform.

What are your favorite apps from the past year? Did any of them make this list? Let us know in the comments below!

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