Vine vs. Instagram – Silverback Social’s Online Reputation Manager Alex Yae Weighs In

As soon as Vine was released, I knew it was a matter of time before Instagram/Facebook followed suit. Announced June, 20th, Facebook unveiled that Instagram now has the ability to share 15 second (over 2x the length of Vine) videos, complete with filters and effects – just like it’s picture sharing feature. So, what does this mean for Vine? A lot of people are predicting its demise, but I personally believe it is far too early to tell. Although right now Instagram is looking like a better Vine, each app serves a different purpose. Instagram is used more to tell a story and to make it aesthetically pleasing (no looping, longer limit, filter effects). Vine is for those who want to take a snapshot of a moment in time (limited editing capabilities, constant looping). I don’t see one overtaking the other, but I do see both coexisting as separate platforms, just like Facebook and Twitter.

And besides, who’s to say the folks at Twitter can’t change the way Vine functions? Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to see Twitter responds to the new Instagram.

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