What’s Missing From Your Brand’s Social Posts? The You-Factor!

When you’re in the thick of creating content for your Facebook page it’s easy to go back to regular old filler: interesting content from reliable source, maybe an offer or discount thrown in, a plug for your new product, etc.

What your  overlooking is the content standing right in front of you.  The content that walks in and out of the door each day.  The content who lives and breathes your brand:


Sound like a crazy idea?  Think about it: at the end of the day, individuals want to connect with other individuals, right?  That’s what social networks are: platforms to engage in conversation with other individuals.  But this individual-to-individual networking isn’t happening on brand pages and it’s a large missed opportunity.

Here’s the reality:

Your brand is defined by your people.
Your people teach your customers.
Your people provide the experience.
Your people provide the touch points.
Your people are the brand.

Don’t believe us? Silverback Social decided to put it to the test.

For a client in the hotel industry, we skipped a post geared towards a weeknight bar promotion and instead highlighted an employee.  Using Vine, we recorded the employee introducing himself and adding his specific concierge expertise.  The next day, we made a Facebook post with a screen shot of the image.



The result?

The post was the most viral the brand’s Facebook page seen.  People went bonkers: praise and comments about the employee’s service flowed from past guests…and they were instantly reminded of their trip to the hotel, prompting them to possibly book again.

How can you do this wtih similar results?

Highlight an employee every month or quarter.  Introduce a new hire or someone who recently received a promotion.  Highlight the birthday boy or girl.  Celebrate your people!  Not only does it reap you rewards in engagement, it also makes your employees feel appreciated.

Don’t be afraid to let your brand’s human element show through: people don’t connect with special offers.  They connect with other people.

Do you highlight your employees on your Facebook or other social media sites?  
Do you get higher engagement?  
We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. 
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